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CRIMINALS & REBELS: Tshisekedi New Cabinet Is A Facade

A few days ago, President Felix Tshisekedi appointed ex-rebel leader Jean Pierre Bemba as deputy prime minister in charge of defence and also appointed an opposition leader Vital Kamerhe as deputy prime minister in charge of economics.

President Tshisekedi hoped adding Bemba and Kamerhe will give him a political appeal he needs to go into the December 20, 2023 presidential elections.

What President Tshisekedi neglected to factor was the blemish record Bemba and Kamerhe bring to his administration.

Bemba is a warlord. He killed a lot of people during his time as a rebel leader. For that reason, he was jailed by the International Criminal Court in Switzerland. He is lucky that on appeal, he escaped jail as a result of a technicality .

So, there is nothing Bemba brings to the table apart from blood on his hands in President Tshisekedi’s government. The fact is, he was just a bush hunter of human souls. That does not make him competent to lead a professionally trained army personnel.

It’s true that the eastern parts of Congo have suffered from an invasion from the M23 and other rebels, but appointing Bemba as a man in charge of the country’s defence system is not a solution.

President Tshisekedi has also appointed Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi as a minister in his government. Nyamwisi is another Congolese who was leader of rebels. His contribution to the leadership of the country will be almost be zero.

The only thing President Tshisekedi is telling the people of Congo is that the surest way to be considered for national leadership is first become a rebel. That’s the mistake President Tshisekedi is making in thinking that he is promoting national unity.

There is no honour among thieves and killers. That is what Bemba and Nyamwisi are.

The biggest joke of these appointments is the inclusion of Vital Kamerhe as deputy prime minister in charge of economics. Not too long ago, Kamerhe, who is an opposition leader, was Chief of Staff for Tshisekedi.

In that role, he was assigned a project worth over $600 million. Before long, Kamerhe was exposed as having embezzled the funds. He was taken to jail and convicted.

Today, he has been given a lifeline to be in charge of the economy. How can a robber be the same person to become your security guard?

Kamerhe robbed the country of millions of dollars. What else is he coming to do apart from robbing the country? To make matters worse, the man knows nothing about economics. He was not faithful with a few projects, now President Tshisekedi has given him the responsibility to revive the economy of nearly 100 million people.

Surely, out of about 100 million people, is Kamerhe the best best to be in charge of the economy in Congo? These appointments have shown us that President Tshisekedi is a joker!

May December 20, 2023 come now. Tshisekedi does not deserve to be President of this great Republic!



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