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CRIMINAL TSHIANI EXPOSED: Noel Tshiani Is Bankrupt; Failed To Pay $500, 000 Child Support & Is Held In Contempt Of USA Courts – Records Reveal

President Felix Tshisekedi’s pawn pushing a racist and discriminatory law in the DRC, Noel Tshiani, is bankrupt and in contempt of American courts, US Court records have revealed.

Tshiani, a former World Bank employee in Washington DC, who is at the centre of a bill referred to as “congolite” which seeks to restrict presidential candidates from seeking office filed for bankruptcy on March 28, 2014 after failing to pay child support.

The bill for Tshiani’s child support is in excess of $500, 000. Records also show that Tshiani failed to pay for his mortgage in Maryland and further failed to honor attorney fees in excess of $10, 000 that accrued for representing him in his divorce case to his former wife.

Tshiani has three sons who together with his former wife are American citizens.

Parties to his bankruptcy suit include Bank of America as the main creditor, Nationalstar Mortgage LLC, OneWest Bank N.A., former OneWest Bank, FSB while interested parties are Archibong Law Firm, John C. Monahan and MaryLouise Ntumba Tshiani.

The two trustees in the matter are Nancy Spencer Grigsby and Roger Schlossberg. It therefore means Tshiani will have difficulties returning to the USA where he holds citizenship unless if enjoying diplomatic immunity of another country.

It’s against this background that Tshiani has penetrated Tshisekedi’s skin to push a divisive law that will keep his Kasai tribesman in power and reward him with immunity to return to the USA to see his sons.

Tshiani’s law, reintroduced to DRC’s parliament in Kinshasa after it failed in 2021, would bar anyone without two Congolese parents from ascending to the presidency. Its main target is to block popular opposition leader Moise Katumbi from succeeding in his presidential bid underway now.Katumbi is the son of a Congolese woman from a local royal family and a Greek Jew, Nisim Soriano, who fled to what was then a Belgian colony during the Holocaust.



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