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CRAZY STUFF: Governor & Deputy Shut Down City To Register As Voters

The city was dead on Saturday. It was referred to as the “dead city” as the province of MaiNdombe paved way for its Governor and the deputy to register as voters in the upcoming December 2023 elections.

According to Information circulated, all public gatherings were cancelled including at Inongo airport.

There was no mass traffic of bikers or any presence of crowds at the airport. Only pharmacies had the permission to remain open.

This decision followed an iron fist between Mai Ndombe Governor Rita Bola and her deputy Jack Mbompaka.

Mbompaka made sure he mobilized a smooth passage for the Governor to arrive and register without any hustle.

Meanwhile, the CENI has announced an extension by 25 days in the voter registration exercise following operational challenges encountered in the identification and enrollment of voters for the first zone.

The second zone starts on Tuesday and will include areas such as Kasai, Eastern Kasai, Western Kasai, Sankuru, Lomami, Lualaba, Upper Lomami, Upper Katanga, and Tanganyika. Congolese based in South Africa, Belgium and France are also expected to register during this period.



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