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CONGOLITE: Tshani Law Will End Tshisekedi’s Regime

The Tshiani Law will be the end of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a lawmaker, Daniel Safu, has said.

Safu says it is dangerous to promote a discriminatory piece of legislation all in a bid to keep power.

“At the moment, the hope of the Congolese is Moise Katumbi. The day this law will be passed, if it’s 8 a.m., at 9 a.m., this regime will fall,” Safu said.

He explained that the law which will exclude people whose parents are not citizens of indigenous heritage was a devise piece of law.

Safu says those promoting the bill were enemies of the country and dod not love anyone who lives in it.

“If Tshiani arranges for his law to pass through a deputy I tell you I put my hand to cut this deputy. There will be death in this country. The National Assembly will cease to exist! The country will breakdown,” he said.

Noel Tshiani, an American citizen, is pushing a law that will effectively rule Katumbi out of the race for president.



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