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CHERUBIN OKENDE MURDER: Family Fed Up, Demand Answers From Hesitant Congolese Authorities

The lawyers representing the family of former Minister of Transport Cherubin Okende have engaged the public prosecutor at the High Court requesting to be briefed on the progress made in investigations surrounding the murder case.

The family of Okende, who was murdered by unknown people on 13 July, 2023, also expressed its concern over the hesitations by the state authorities in carrying out the investigation especially after an autopsy was carried out with the results yet to be communicated.

“It’s almost two months since the autopsy was done. Are the results still not in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office? During our previous meeting, we were informed that these results were imminent. Where are we today? today? Who is this autopsy report intended for? Does the Prosecutor’s Office really have the desire to shed light on this tragedy? Or is this slowness and silence strategic, with the aim of burying a case delicate?”, questions the collective of lawyers of the Okende family in their correspondence.

The family complained that the continued delays in the investigation had prolonged their mourning and casted doubt about whether the Prosecutor’s Office will be able to deliver due justice in the case.

The family now plans to seek justice before the international law authorities.

Okende, former spokesperson of lead Opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique President Moïse Katumbi, was on 13 July, 2023 found dead in his vehicle on Produits Lourds Avenue in Kinshasa after being kidnapped by armed men.



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