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CENCO: Okende’s Murder Is Intolerable & Inadmissible, “It Risks Plunging The Country Into Chaos”

The respected Catholic Bishops (CENCO) have issued a strong statement decrying the assassination of Ensemble pour la République spokesperson Cherubin Okende and described it as “intolerable and inadmissible” as it risks exasperating the political climate few months before the general elections is held.

In a statement following the discovery of Okende’s lifeless body in cold blood, CENCO president Marcel Utembi says it was worrying that the cowardly and heinous assassination, which reminiscent of the circumstances of the killing of Human Rights activist Floreint Chebeya, comes following the arrests of members of his political party.

Archbishop Utembi says Okende’s party has endured a series of verbal and physical violence by fanatics of the ruling party, UDPS, threatened national cohesion as such conduct was left unchallenged by party leaders.

“CENCO unreservedly condemns this heinous murder of a political opponent in this pre-election period. This crime intolerable and inadmissible risks exasperating the political climate on the eve of the general elections,” he said.

Utembi, on behalf of CENCO, has offered the deepest condolences to the family and polical assuring them of his fervent prayers stating that God will shower his mercy on his son and them.
grant eternal rest in his Kingdom.

“CENCO appeals to the Congolese authorities, guarantors of cohesion national security and the security of persons and their property to do all the to bring those responsibile this savage and bloody crime,” said Utembi.



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