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CANCEL THE ELECTIONS: Ensemble Pour la Republique Party Reject Results Handing Victory To Moïse Katumbi In Great Katanga As CENI Aim To Legitimatize Fraudulent Elections

Popular DR Congo opposition party, Ensemble Pour la Republique party have rejected the latest set of results released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) from the Great Katanga where Moïse Katumbi has been proclaimed as the winner.

CENI have handed Katumbi landslide victory in the latest results from the Great Katanga region ahead of incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi who has been fraudulently gifted insane and unsatisfactory figures in other parts of the country to take an overwhelming lead.

Ensemble Pour la Republique party’s presidential spokesperson Olivier Kamitatu has since rejected the results from the Great Katanga that have been released by CENI in order to give the catastrophic elections a sense of legitimacy after coming under scrutiny.

“To try to give credibility to this sham election, the CENI hopes to distract the Congolese population by arbitrarily attributing to other candidates, in particular Mr. Moïse KATUMBI CHAPWE and only for the Greater Katanga area, a percentage of votes which could maliciously suggest objective ballots by putting him in first position.

This is only a maneuver to try to give this process a serious appearance that it will never have. The people really need credible elections and not a semblance of an unequal distribution of votes in favor of a candidate who we want, at all costs, to declare the winner even without having actually been elected.”

In a statement released, Kamitatu says the Katumbi and the Ensemble Pour la Republique party will not accept the results from the Great Katanga region regardless of them being in favour of its candidate.

Various irregularities characterized the elections in Great Katanga region thus the Ensemble Pour la Republique party’s decision to brand the results released by CENI as unauthentic.

“Out of respect for the people who are the primary sovereign, Ensemble pour la République very energetically contests even the votes that we would like to attribute to it in the Greater Katanga area.

Indeed, how can we even believe in the vote chosen for the presidential candidate Mr. Moïse KATUMBI CHAPWE in the Greater Katanga area when we know that there were the following serious irregularities:

  • Refusal for certain witnesses, although accredited, to access the polling stations to complete the legal opening formalities;
  • Difficulties for several voters to access the polling station for logistical and organizational reasons; – Counting of ballots in the absence of witnesses;
  • Absence of minutes signed and given to witnesses;
  • Proclamation of the majority of uncompiled results. What truth could emerge from this disaster? Don’t they say that fraud corrupts everything? It is quite obvious that it is absolutely impossible to have a real percentage since the voting and voting monitoring prerequisites are not at all reliable.”

The Ensemble Pour la Republique and four other opposition parties continue to demand for the cancellation of the elections amidst a great deal of irregularities in the non-democratic polls that were unconstitutionally held across five days.



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