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BLOODTHIRSTY VAMPIRE: Tshisekedi Is Baying For More Congolese Blood; He Cares About No One But Self

After attending the United Nations General Assembly, President Felix Tshisekedi went to Belgium, instead of returning to Kinshasa – to the people that assigned him to the lofty office. While in Belgium, Tshisekedi informed Congolese in the diaspora he was returning home to contest the election for a second-term mandate.

Of interest, Tshisekedi also denied being bloodthirsty. We have no regret calling Tshisekedi bloodthirsty because that’s what he has demonstrated to us. Yes, one may say they are not, but that’s exactly what their actions manifests.

That’s why they say “actions speak louder than words.” Others caution, “watch the man’s actions, what he does is more important than what he say because that’s what represents who he truly is.” And this is exactly what we see of Tshisekedi.

A man who is not thirsty for blood does not imprison his political opponents for disagreeing with him. But this is what Tshisekedi is doing because he believes that’s the safest way to kill them so that he can feast on their blood.

A man who is not thirsty for blood does not ignore demonstrators when some among them are killed by his soldiers, predominately Kasais engaged to maim others. Tshisekedi has never been to Katanga to check on the 50 UNAFEC youths who were killed by the Republican Guard. He came today not for them but for his minerals and their blood.

Tshisekedi has never been to Goma where his elite squad killed 50 demonstrators. Tshisekedi has held back on the autopsy report that details how his soldiers killed Cherubin Okenden because that’s how much more he wants to feats on others.

To protect his illegal extraction of minerals especially in Kolwezi, Lualaba, Tshisekedi must drink more blood and this is the reason he has deployed a more members of the Republican Gaurd to these areas.

Tshisekedi is visiting Kolwezi to check on the mines he and his family controls and whoever stands in his way will be eliminated and his or her blood used to quench the thirst of the Head of State. It’s an open secret that almost all the quarries in Lualaba are controlled by the presidential family and using Chinese, Indians and Lebanese operatives.

Take GCM KZC Carpentry quarries, behind the DGK office, the KISANKALA quarries and that of KISANFU, they are all under the control of the Tshisekedi clan. That’s why in the province, the elite security personell of the ANR and the Republican Guard monitor these activities. A climate of terror has spread throughout Katanga. Since the massacre last March by the Republican Guard of around fifty young Kilobelobe UNAFEC youths, everyone has virtually been silenced. Everyone is aware their blood is in line for sacrifice to Tshisekedi and no one wants to be the victim.

Despite the fear, the revolt is brewing in Katanga. Last month, there was an uprising among artisanal miners because of the presidency’s family controlling all the mines in Kolwezi. Elements of the Republican Guard fired live ammunition at the artisanal miners. Two were killed and several others at HPK/GCM.

Evidently, President Tshisekedi’s visit to Katanga today has exacerbated the anger of millions of Congolese who, faced with the guns aimed at them by the Republican Guard, remain silent. Their blood is up for sacrifice and they are mourning their relatives who have died in the struggle. The population of Lualaba is aware of all the escapades of the Tshisekedi family and its leader. Less than 90 days before the next elections, Tshisekedi has no chance of returning to the thrown to continue feasting on the blood of Katangese and Congolese in general.



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