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BLOOD SUCKING TSHISEKEDI: Katumbi’s Advisor, Salomon Kalonda Della, Taken Ill

President Felix Tshisekedi ruthless political maneuvers have resulted in the hospitalization of his personal prisoner Salomon Kalonda Della, the special advisor to leading opposition leader Moise Katumbi.

Salomon has been in prison since May 30, 2023 on trumped up charges but was this morning transferred to hospital after his health deteriorated.

According to his lawyers, Salomon was evacuated from Ndolo military prison in an ambulance following the deterioration of his state of health.

Hervé Diakese, one of Salomon lawyers, said on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 via X, formerly Twitter.

“Our client Salomon Idi Kalonda Della was transferred to a medical center for appropriate care. His stay in hospital should allow him a speedy recovery in order to vigorously demonstrate his innocence,” we can read.

So far Tshisekedi has overseen the death of more than 50 UNAFEC youths in Kilobelobe, Lubumbashi by the elite presidential military guard. Another 50 demonstrators, unarmed, were massacred in Goma by Tshisekedi’s elite presidential military guard.

Information also shows that Tshisekedi is at the center of opposition Ensemble pour la Republique spokesperson Cherubin Okende’s assassination. Tshisekedi has also imprisoned his former ally Jean Marc Kabundi, National Deputy Mike Mukebayi and most recently international journalist Stanis Bujakera all of whom he wants dead.



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