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BIG CONCERTS: Felix Wazekwa Joins Two Other Popular Musicians For 2023 Concerts In Kinshasa

Three big Congolese artistes Felix Wazekwa, Michel Bakenda and Ferre Gola have announced they will stage grand performances at the Stade des Martyrs in Kinshasa in 2023.

Bakenda has set the date for his concert for July 29 but both Wazekwa and Ferre Gola are yet to announce the dates for their concerts.

Wazekwa, 60, is looking to attract a capacity audience which could hit 80, 000.

He has hinted that the show will be either in June or July of this year.

“In 2023, you will learn more about the date on which we are going to play. It will be during the dry season. So around the months of June, July,” his publicist, Kevin Muteba, announced

Muteba says Wazekwa had dubbed the 2023 event as the Grande Marmite.

“I know that we are not going to fill the stadium, but we promise a better show,” he said.

Many know and remember Wazekwa for his part in a younger generation of Congolese singer-songwriters in the soukous genre who started his musical career in the early eighties with Kin-Verso, a band in the Matete neighbourhood of Kinshasa.

The versatile singer has performed alongside rhumba greats in Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide and Madilu System.



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