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BETRAYAL: Vital Kamerhe Suspects Felix Tshisekedi of Masterminding Attempt to Assassinate Him

Last Sunday’s failed coup d’etat attempt carried out by Christian Malanga seems to have stirred up tensions amongst the nebula of parties supporting the ruling government, a broad political alliance called the “Union Sacree”.

Chrisitian Malanga, an American-based former soldier in the Congolese army (FARDC), led a group of armed men who attacked the residence of Economy Minister Vital Kamerhe, in Kinshasa’s Gombe district situated on the banks of the Congo River, before going on to seize control of the presidential office or Palais de la Nation where the security forces ended their adventure.

Sunday’s unfortunate event has raised suspicions amongst the Union Sacree that had already been characterized by tensions amongst parties of the alliance who had been divided over the choice of a candidate from the majority to preside over the National Assembly has not been easy either.

Without reaching a consensus with all parties, the Union Sacree organized and held a primary election to choose the party’s choice of candidate for the National Assembly presidency with by Vital Kamerhe winning the poll to take the “perch” to run for the post for the second highest office of the State.

Kamerhe’s Union for the Congolese Nation (UNC) party has been growing popularity ahead of President Felix Tshisekedi’s Union for Democracy & Social Progress (UDPS) party raising tensions between the two parties.

The relationship between Tshisekedi and Kamerhe is said to have deteriorated even further after the latter’s victory in the primary elections.

Sources have since revealed that Kamerhe as well as members of his UNC party, who held protests after the attack on their leader’s residence prior to National Assembly elections, have induced suspicions that Sunday’s attacks had mainly targeted on the former Minister of Economy.

Kamerhe suspects Tshisekedi had been the main mastermind of the attempt to assassinate him in order to put to an end the political threat he poses with his growing popularity.



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