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LIFE IMPRISONMENT: Polish Tourist Handed Life Sentence in DR Congo

The Military court in the Democratic Republic of Congo have sentenced a Polish national and tourist, Mariusz Majewski, to life imprisonment on accusations of espionage and sabotage of the installations of the DR Congo armed forces.

Mariusz Majewski, who had also previously visited the DR Congo for tourism, was arrested in February before the military court sentenced him to life in prison.

According to Congolese investigators, the Pole was to “approach the front line with the Mobondo militiamen and take photos of sensitive and strategic places”.

Mariusz’s aunt, the last person to have heard from the Polish prisoner, rejects the Congolese authorities’ accusations and states that her nephew is simply passionate about travel and visits the DR Congo for pleasure.

Mariusz’s aunt also noted that the last time she had talked to her nephew she felt he had been on the verge of physical and mental exhaustion and hopes that the Polish government will react to get him out of prison and prove his innocence.

However, since February no action has been taken by the Polish officials who are struggling to act in the DRC where they do not have an embassy as everything is controlled from Angola.

Polish President Andrzej Duda has however reassured Mariusz’s family and promised that he would look into the matter in the coming days and try to resolve the matter.



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