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BALKANISATION: Rwanda Army & M23 In Charge Of Nyirangongo

As days progress, the balkanization of the Democratic Republic of Congo is more and more visible.

In the same way Uganda has taken over the territory of Bunagana, Rwanda through its army and the M23 rebels are in charge of Nyirangongo.

The failures of President Felix Tshisekedi are evident and a pain to witness.

While he is partying and wining in Kinshasa dancing to the sounds of JB Mpiana, Rwanda and M23 is establishing its own security system in Kibumba and Buhumba.

They are first taking stock of the policemen and women who served in the Congolese security system and ensuring they identify their allegiances.

The Rwandese army is in the field assuring citizens of peaceful of peaceful cultivation of their crop.

The civil society is concerned about the growing influence of foreign soldiers on the local population.

In Buhumba and Kibumba, Mambo Kawaya, civil society
coordinator of Nyiragongo territory, says there’s serious infiltration which requires immediate intervention.

The organization has asked the Congolese government to identify
all the police officers present in Goma and fled the clashes between FARDC and M23 in Rusthuru and Masisi.

This is because elements of the M23 movement are visible in several corners of the territory of Nyiragongo.



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