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BACK TO WORK: Haut-Katanga Petroleum Service Workers End Strike But Govt. Yet To Fulfill Promises

Petroleum service workers in Haut-Katanga Province have decided to end their recent go slow that had paralyzed works in oil companies and service stations in the province for several days.

Their decision to return to work comes after meetings with after negotiations with Deputy Prime Minister of the National Economy, Vital Kamerhe and the Minister of Hydrocarbons, Didier Budimbu, who promised to grant the workers’ their demands.

Scarcity of petroleum products had hit the city of Lubumbashi as gas stations remained closed following the workers’ decision to go on strike demanding for improved conditions of service.

As of Saturday, selected gas stations in the city had since returned to normal operations after the workers returned to work with Fédération des Entreprises du Congo (FEC) in Haut-Katanga Province expressing their delight over the development.

However, other gas stations remain closed with the oil companies deciding to gradually resume the operations and supply of fuel as a way to have the government to be attentive to their concerns and fulfil its promises to them.

The Congolese government has committed to ensuring a new price structure is published for fuel as well as provide financial support to oil operators as a way of compensating for losses incurred during the strike period.

In addressing the oil operators, Deputy Prime Minister Vital Kamerhe revealed that although the price of oil on the international market had increased by 30%, the pump price increase will be slight in order to relieve the oil tankers.

Kamerhe added that steps were being taken to address issues related to losses and shortfalls in the oil sector.



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