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ARBITRARY ARREST: Tshisekedi’s Legal Adviser Peter Kazadi, A Kasai, Orders Illegal Arrest Of Chief Registrar, Action May Backfire

President Felix Tshisekedi’s special assistant for legal affairs, Peter Kazadi, has ordered the arbitrary arrest of the Chief Registrar of the Court of Cassation Albert Tsana Tamba.

According to a report seen by DRC NEWS TODAY, Kazadi, who is a kasai and the President’s tribesmate, is allegedly acting on orders from the highest office in the country.

It is understood that Tamba is seen as a stumbling block of the authorities in Kinshasa who want to sneak court judgments in their favour but opposed by professionals in the judiciary.

The officials in the Congolese judiciary allege that the action to sack Tamba is not only illegal but an arbitrary action stretched by a member of the ruling class to advance a growing and dangerous tribalism traits being practiced by the ruling party UDPS.

There is also furious reactions from the ba Kongo tribe, an ethnic group Tamba belongs to.

In a petition by a group of the ba Kongo, the Attorney General has been asked to rescind the decision effected by Peter Kazadi.

They say that the action at the Court of Cassation was a blunder that should immediately be rectified to honor and respect the independence of the judiciary.

The ba Kongo grouping has cautioned President Tshisekedi against promoting actions that seem to support tribalism as it had the potential to plunge the country into chaos and irreversible damage.



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