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A KASAI DRIVEN AGENDA: Scandalous Constitutional Court Delivers Contradictory Decisions; One Favoring Tshisekedi & Another Against Katumbi In Electoral Petition

A preliminary decision by the Congolese Constitution Court has exposed the effects of the Kasai tribal cable in charge of the instruments of power as they seek to illegally eliminate Ensemble pour la République president Moïse Katumbi from the presidential race.

On Friday, two separate petitions were presented before the Kamuleta Badibanga bench. They were both filed on October 23, 2023.

The first petition is coded RCE 009/PR by president candidate Seth Kikuni against President Félix Tshisekedi.

Kikuni’s petition was dismissed on account of inadmissibility, because it was filed beyond the prescribed time limit which is 48 hours after CENI announces the provisional list.

Shockingly, another petition coded RCE 011/PR filed the same day, but later than Kikuni this time by an American Kasai after Noël Tshiani Moise Katumbi was declared admissible although it fell outside the same 48 hours Kikuni’s was dismissed.

The same magistrate, the same Attorney General Mukolo Kokesha was at the centre of abusing the law.

Sources at the Constitutional Court have said this is a scheme to throw Katumbi out of the race as instructed by Tshisekedi.

“Meetings around the electoral process are held between nationals of the same tribe. This is not a coincidence. It is the animal and barbaric tribalism practiced at the top of the State by Tshisekedi.

“Look at it this way, Organization of elections: CENI = A Kasaïen, Denis Kadima Kazadi, Ministry of the Interior for securing the electoral process = A Kasaïan, Peter Kazadi Kankonda, Financing of elections = A Kasaian at the Ministry of Finance, Nicolas Kazadi Kadima and a Kasaian at the BCC, Kabedi Mbuyi,
Electoral disputes = A Kasaian at the head of the constitutional court, Kamuleta Badibanga and a Kasaian at the Ministry of Justice, Rose Mutombo,
President of the Republic candidate for his own succession = A Kasaïan, Félix Tshisekedi,” the source disclosed.

The tribalism by Tshisekedi is about to plunge the DRC into.a bloodbath.




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