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A BILLION DOLLAR AIRPORT PROJECT: Tshisekedi Pockets Over Millions From Ndjili Project

Belgian national Felix Tshisekedi has allegedly amassed over $500, 000 off the Turkish contract for the renovation of Ndjili International Airport in Kinshasa.

Working with his new team in Kinshasa led by Amadou Diaby, Tshisekedi has benefitted hundreds of millions of dollars from the Turkey funded project.

Regarding Ndjili airport, the market turns out to be a purely illegal over-the-counter deal. The Turkish firm presented an initial project costing 1.2 billion USD.

“In this matter, Diaby negotiated directly with the Turks. The real cost will not exceed 500 million USD,” says an advisor to the presidency.

According to him, “officially, the government will disburse 600 million from the investment budget and the Turkish side 600 million with a 29-year management contract.”

On the Congolese part of the funds, from the first disbursement, an envelope of 30% commissions has already been planned in agreement with finance minister Nicolas Kazadi.

Amadou Diaby is serving as an intermediary and is responsible for securing and placing the funds in the off-shore accounts.

In three years, the operations concluded between Tshisekedi, Nicolas Kazadi, Amadou Diaby and Turkish businessmen – Cité Financière for Ndjili Airport – allowing the cartel to embezzle several hundreds of million USD are at stake.

There is also the sanitation contract for the capital that the Congolese Head of State decided to award to the Albayrak group during his recent stay in Turkey.

The congolese government to continue to violate the most basic rules of public procurement as well as the Congolese Constitution.

Like Icarus, Amadou Diaby travels in a private jet. By approaching the sun and believing that he has become an eagle, Amadou Diaby may not be able to resist the intense heat of the star he frequents.

“As soon as the wax on his wings starts to melt, he will be thrown into the void,” predicts an expert on Congolese political life.

The Tshisekedi plunder is real.



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