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FOOLS: The Foolishness of Calling Katumbi A Foreign Candidate Yet Winning In The Diaspora

In the run up to the DR Congo general elections, the likes of Felix Tshisekedi, Noel Tshani and Jean Pierre took turns in labeling Moise Katumbi as a “foreign candidate”.

Fools like Tshani even went to parliament and wanted a law to be passed where only people with both parents being Congolese, being eligible to stand in the polls until the Constitutional Court ruled against that.

But interestingly, in the results announced by the country’s electoral body – the CENI – Moise, the so called “foreign candidate,”’has lost to Tshisekedi, the “Congolese” candidate in the diaspora vote.

The vote from abroad represents only 0.03% of the total body of around 44 million yet internally, Moise Katumbi is the real winner.

And according to people inside CENI and civil society organisations, Katumbi had won by at least 67%.

Any Congolese will tell you that Kasais account for most people from this country who live abroad and it would not be far fetched to hypothesize that the people voted Tshisekedi may be his drinking buddies.

So who, between Tshisekedi and Katumbi is a foreign candidate, and therefore popular among Congolese based outside their country?

Why is Katumbi, a supposed “foreign candidate“ leading by more than 67% in Congo, according to CENI insiders and local NGOs?

There’s a wise saying that you cannot bring down a good man and going by the trends in Congo at present, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or an Albert Einstein to know that “Moise Wamu Bible” is that man!



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