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TSHISEKEDI’S COUP: DRC President Uses Army To Claim Electoral Victory; Opposition Dispute Outcome Detailing Fraud

Three of the major opposition units in the Democratic Republic of Congo have asked the country’s electoral body, CENI, to annul the results which they want to announce in favor of International Criminal Court (ICC) candidate Felix Tshisekedi citing widespread fraud.

However, Tshisekedi has insisted that he has won the election and should be declared winner.

The Head of State has since released commondos in complicit with former rebel leader and ICC war crime convict Jean Pierre Bemba into major cities to massacre citizens who seek to protest the outcome of their stolen election.

Ecide president Martin Fayulu and Dr. Denis Mukwege plus four other candidates calling themselves Lamuka have called for protests on December 27, 2023.

Former ruling party coalition, FCC, led by Joseph Kabila has said its decision to boycott what it knew would be a sham of an election has been vindicated.

One of Kabila’s allies and FCC senior official Francine Muyumba says the only way her organization and the opposition will accept an outcome of an election is if CENI is reconstituted, a new Constitution Court is installed and a new electoral law is enacted.

Moise Katumbi, winner of the on-going election, says the fraud displayed by Tshisekedi and his CENI has made the DRC a joke of a country.

Ensemble spokesman Herve Diakese says the voting machines and ballot papers were found in the hands of third parties, all of whom were candidates associated with Tshisekedi.

“This is irrefutable proof that the fraud was organized and planned in Tshisekedi’s favor, with the complicity of the CENI. A single machine found in the hands of a third party confirms the fraud and cancels the ballots. But in this case, there are several instances.

“Who gave them these machines? How many machines did they receive? How was an organization set up within the CENI to facilitate the detention of machines by the Tshisekedi camp?,” said Diakese at a press conference on Sunday.

Diakiese, a lawyer, said the Katumbi camp is surprised that since the denunciations of the fraud shown on various social networks, no judicial authority, nor the Attorney General of the Republic, has summoned the CENI logistics chain to investigate these electoral atrocities.

Diakese has demanded the immediate arrest of CENI president Denis Kadima saying he has abused $1 million to put up a theatre of an election.

“No serious country, no Western country would accept such chaotic elections. The fate of the Congolese people is not to deserve cheating, fraudulent leaders. This new fraud will not pass. It will take as long as it takes,” he said, calling on the people to mobilize to protect their vote.




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