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TSHISEKEDI THE THIEF (MOYIBI): A Biblical Analogy Of The Outgoing DRC President & Why He Is A Night Rider

In the holy book that guides the Christian faith anchored on the verse John 10:10, a thief comes to steal, kill & destroy.

This is exactly what President Felix Tshisekedi came to do to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Here is how.

STEAL – Tshisekedi and his administration have stolen from poor Congolese citizens through RAM (illegal phone tax), the $600 million project that didn’t yield any results, the over $350 million spent on Francophonie games instead of less than $50 million, the pilfering of minerals from Kolwezi, the disappearance of Copper Cathodes from Tenke Fungurume by Jacques Kyabula Katwe among others.

KILL – assassination of Chérubin Okende (Ensemble spokesperson). Assassination of Dido Kakisingi (Ensemble youth leader in Maniema), the massacre of more than 50 youths belonging to the opposition UNAFEC in Kilobelobe – Lubumbashi, the massacre of over 50 peaceful demonstrators in Goma.

DESTROY – the strength of the Congolese currency to the dollar, the Congolese economy, the unity of Congo by promoting tribalism, racism & xenophobia. Destruction of family values, nepotism and corruption.

This is how Tshisekedi has rendered a curse on Congo 🇨🇩 that only the Moise wamu Bible will help redeem.

Congolese – watch and pray. The thief has stolen, killed & destroyed the country.

Your vote on December 20, 2023 is a prayer of intercession aimed at delivering Congo from Tshisekedi’s evil ways and that of his cannibal friends like Jean-Pierre Bemba who tummy is filled with the flesh of pygmies he chews.



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