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SACRIFICIAL LAMB: DRC Generals Get Life Sentence After Tshisekedi’s Orders To Massacre Goma Demonstrators Backfires

After executing President Felix Tshisekedi’s orders to massacre demonstrators in Goma, senior Congolese soldiers have paid the price with life sentences.

Over two weeks ago, 50 demonstrators were killed in Goma for protesting the never ending war.

Soldiers in the elite presidential guard were instructed to use live ammunition by the Commander in Chief.

However, the massacre triggered a sharp reaction from local and international partners promoting a hurried trial of those who were in charge of the battalion.

On Monday, a military court in Goma issued the verdict came on with Colonel Mike Mikombe sentenced to life in prison for murder and was subsequently expelled from the Congolese army (FARDC).

Three soldiers of the Republican Guard have also been sentenced to 10 years in prison for criminal servitude and murder.

Others charged, Colonel Bawili and Idris Kabamba, a 2nd class have been acquitted to save Tshisekedi’s face.

Fifty lives were lost in the carnage. It was the second time the Republican Guard had carried out their heinous act on instructions from Tshisekedi after killing another 50 plus youths in Kilobelobe, Lubumbashi early this year.



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