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WRECKLESS SPENDING: NGO Report Reveals Congo’s National Assembly & Senate Spent US2.2 Billion in Two Years

The Center for Research in Public Finance and Local Development (CREFDL) have released a report on the expenditures of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s National Assembly as well as Senate over the past two years with shocking figures revealed.

CREFL, a non-governmental organization based in Kinshasa, report records a total of a mammoth US$2.2 billion spent on the Congolese parliament between 2021 and 2023.

Both the National Assembly led by President Christophe Mboso and the Senate headed by Modeste Bahati Lukwebo accounts to budgets worth US$1.1 billion budget between 2021 and 2023.

For the National Assembly, President Christophe Mboso and his team of National Deputies have spent 60% of their chunck on increased salaries, allowances as well as other luxuries.

Recently, Mboso and National Assembly acquired luxurious Jeep vehicles for each one of the National Deputies for their re-elections in to the house.

The Senate also accounts for 40% of their budgetary allocation spent on members’ remunerations and allowances among other things.

The ruling Congolese government’s wreckless and irresponsible spending of public resources even as the country faces one of the worst crises in the world as thousands die from poverty and starvation amidst never-ending war in the eastern region.



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