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WHERE IS TSHISEKEDI: Govt Depriving Congolese Population’s Constitutional Right to Be Informed About Tshisekedi’s Whereabouts

Democratic Republic of Congo President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s whereabouts are unknown for the past six days since he flew out of the country to a destination still yet to be revealed.

Government has not issued any statement over Tshisekedi’s trip that remains mysterious and causes speculation amongst the Congolese who have been left in the dark about their leader’s current location.

Opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party General Secretary Herve Diakiese has since called out the state to issue a statement to inform the public about the whereabouts of their leader which is their constitutional right.

“It has already been almost five days since the Congolese people have been deprived of their constitutional right to information: The right to know where the Head of State is. This is not a normal situation. This information is not a favor done to us, it is our RIGHT. It is with OUR money that he travels. We pay him for that. It is only in North Korea and among those who support such a system that we find this normal” Diakiese writes on X.

Diakiese has since suggested that the nation do consider applying provisions of stipulated by the Congolese law in case of a presidential vacancy should the whereabouts of the Tshisekedi continue to remain anonymous.

“If in the days that follow, it is still omerta, my opinion is that we must consider the implementation of the constitutional observation of the vacancy at the head of the State.

The President institution is absent, the country cannot afford the luxury of waiting. It is up to those concerned to give us information that does not insult our age or our intelligence” he added.

Tshisekedi’s whereabouts has raised a number of concern amongst the public even with the prevailing security situation in the eastern part of the country that is ravaged by war between the Congolese army (FARDC) and the M23 Rebel Group.



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