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WAR IN THE EAST: Congo Army Respond to Recent Advancement of M23 Rebels

The town of Kaseghe, in North Kivu Province of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo woke up to the crackle of firing bullets following new clashes between the armed forces (FARDC) and the M23 rebel fighters.

Following the M23’s massive advancement after seizing a number of strategic territories of the eastern region last week, FARDC moved to halt the rebels’ progression into more critical territories of Butembo and Lubero, closest to the main city of Goma.

The M23 rebels have already occupied several villages and localities in the south of the Lubero territory this past weekend.

The towns of Kanyabayonga, Miriki, Kayna, Kimaka, Luofu, Mighobwe, Busigho and Kirumba have all fallen under the control of the reinforced rebels.

Residents of these villages have been left disappointed by the Congolese government’s complicity and now feel compelled to coexist and join forces with the M23 the withdrawal of the MONUSCO forces to avoid further collateral damage to civilians.



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