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VOLCANO ERUPTION FEARS: Large Flame Over Nyiragongo Volcano Creates Panic in Goma

A large flame has been observed at the summit of the Nyiragongo Volcano in Goma of North Kivu Province since Friday causing panic amongst the residents in the city.

Faced with this situation, the management committee of the Goma Vulcanological Observatory (OVG) and the union delegation have since held an emergency meeting this Saturday.

At the center of the discussions was the new strange activities observed at the volcano which has been described as worrying.

According to an OVG official, it is difficult at the moment to give the real state of the volcano while fears of an eruption remain possible.

For this reason, a commission to be responsible for working day and night, for three days, was set up at the end of this meeting.

The new commission has been tasked to assess the situation on the ground and analyze all the stored data, according to the press statement released this Saturday.

This commission will also collect and process field data in order to identify magmatic activity in and around the crater of the volcano in order to produce a report to be submitted to the appropriate person, the press release indicates.

On May 22, 2021, the Nyiragongo volcano erupted with Lava flows destroying part of the city of Goma and will thousands of people fled.

Seventeen villages were affected by the lava flow which damaged residential houses and some basic infrastructure in its path while about thirty victims were recorded following the natural disaster.



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