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VISIONLESS PREMIER: New Prime Minister Fails to Meet Population’s Expectations

Democratic Republic of Congo’s new Prime Minister Judith Suminwa Tuluka has failed to meet the Congolese citizen’s expectations with the vision and strategic plans unveiled during her inauguration before the National Assembly, the opposition Lamuka Coalition says.

On Tuesday, Suminwa was finally presented and installed before the National Assembly where she arrayed her plans and vision for the DR Congo with majority of the country’s highly-expectant population left unsatisfied with her visualization.

The Lamuka Coalition which is headed by popular presidential aspirant Martin Fayulu, stressed that ideas availed by Prime Minister Judith Suminwa Tuluka were a copied version of the failed previous government of former Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde and President Felix Tshisekedi.

“Judith Suminwa Tuluka’s budget is plagiarism in both her ambitions and her priorities. She inflicted a two-hour Soviet-style speech on the people, repeating word for word what Felix, Ilunkamba and Sama had promised since 2019 without realizing” Lamuka Coalition spokesperson Prince Epenge said.

Epenge added; “The system is the same, the same vision, the same methods, and the same actors. Basically, it’s the same vehicle with its braking problems driven by the same driver, with a new receiver in charge of enforcing the same policies.”

Epenge also questioned the move by the Suminwa regime to prioritize improvement of the economy without in a country currently facing insecurities marked by the war in the eastern region and has a public purse emptied by thieving government officials who have been rewarded with reappointment.

“Otherwise, how can we understand that it has made the stability of the macroeconomic framework the number one priority instead of national defense to end wars? How can public spending be rationalised in a country where all those who have embezzled state money have been rewarded? Mrs. Sánchez remained silent on the framework measures supposed to avoid the regime’s recourse to the payment of public money by emergency procedure, over-the-counter agreements and strict compliance with the expenditure chain.

Moreover, by forgetting to integrate the informal sector that sustains the deep Congo, this budget is a string of good intentions out of step with the socio-political-economic reality” he added.



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