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UNDEMOCRATIC ELECTION: MOE CENCO-ECC Final Report on Exposes Corruption & Illegalities of December 2023 Election

The Electoral Observation Mission of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo and the Church of Christ in Congo (MOE CENCO-ECC) has released its final report on the DR Congo’s 2023 Presidential Elections which has exposed corruption and fraud that plagued the electoral process.

The MOE CENCO-ECC released its final report on Monday following months close consultation and analysis of the elections in which Félix Tshisekedi and his Union Sacreé Political Alliance were controversially re-elected.

During election period, anti-democratic practices were widely observed with the most notable been buying of electoral votes by candidates in the senatorial and provincial governorship elections.

Corrupt practices forced certain candidates to withdraw from the race having been disgusted by the scale of corruption, the MOE CENCO-ECC observed.

According to the report, the electoral operations were not devoid of corruption, illegal possession of electoral materials, fraud, malicious destruction and attacks on the physical integrity of CENI staff have been recorded

“The MOE CENCO ECC urges the Courts and Tribunals, each according to their competence, to investigate all these cases and sanction the perpetrators each time there is public outcry, denunciation or commission of reprehensible acts committed on occasion of the organization of elections,” the MOE CENCO-ECC report reads in part.

The Christian electoral observation mission has since urged Congolese judicial authorities to take interest in these serious cases of electoral fraud.

“The CENCO-ECC MOE encourages the General Inspectorate of Judicial Services to investigate these cases and draw consequences whenever necessary. It further urges the competent public prosecutor’s offices to initiate prosecution mechanisms against the alleged perpetrators of corruption or embezzlement during elections, and particularly during the handling of electoral disputes.

“It also invites the Constitutional Court to issue a decision of principle on the notion of material errors in order to avoid, in the future, protests around this issue,” the report adds.

The CENCO-ECC MOE has also called for strengthened fight against corruption, improving the awareness of voters and political actors about the principles of a democratic election, guaranteeing independence and the impartiality of justice also, the clarification of the notion of material errors in the judgments of the Constitutional Court.



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