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TSHISEKEDI’S FAVOURITE: Half-Naked TikToker Noella Ayeganagato Appointed Youth Minister

Democratic Republic of Congo Prime Minister Judith Suminwa Tuluka unveiled the country’s new list ministers on Wednesday with a surprise and alluring figure also making to cabinet.

Noella Ayeganagato Nakwipon, a famous social media socialite, is the new Minister of Youth in the DR Congo.

Ayeganagato enjoys a great following on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram where captivates and lures her followers with photos and videos showing off her half-naked body.

She has since moved to delete all of her photos on social media where she is known for frequently uploading videos swimming half-naked with fancy hair-styles and alcoholic drinks and expensive clothing.

Appointed Deputy Mayor of Ngaliema Municipality by presidential order in 2022, Ayeganagato has once again found favour in the eyes and mind of President Fèlix Tshisekedi.

Earlier this month, Ayeganagato recently took to social show off her luxurious trip to Paris during the same time Tshisekedi had been in the French capital with his delegation for a working visit.

Tshisekedi’s appointment of Ayeganagato has raised an uproar amongst the Congolese population who questions the motives behind the decision.



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