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TSHISEKEDI GOES FOR MATATA: Imposter President Wants Former Economy Minister & Uprising Opposition-Ally Imprisoned

Democratic Republic of Congo’s imposter president Félix Tshisekedi has issued instructions to his party, UDPS Secretary General Augustin Kabuya to ensure that National Assembly President Vital Kamerhe and his purported allies are weakened.

Kamerhe is leading a faction within the ruling Union Sacreé alliance against Tshisekedi who has betrayed him and attempted to assassinate him in May.

The National Assembly leader chaired a meeting to launch his hostilities against Tshisekedi in the disguise of a scientific conference last week.

In attendance at meeting was former Minister of Economy and opposition figure Augustin Matata Ponyo Mapon who spoke at the event including Jean-Lucien Bussa, another important political figure.

As a punishment for joining the clique against him, Tshisekedi has ordered the relaunch of the Bukanga-Lonzo trial in which Matata Ponyo was accused of embezzling US$205 million of public funds.

The case concerns the Bukanga-Lonzo agro-food park pilot project, which was allegedly tainted by embezzlement.

However, the case was in 2021 closed after the Court of Cassation ruled Matata’s favour, ruling that it could not try him over the agriculture project’s alleged mismanagement.



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