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TRAGEDY IN BUKAVU: Inferno Leaves At Least 150 Families Homeless

About 150 families in Kadutu commune of Bukavu in South Kivu Province have had to spend nights in the cold since Sunday, June 9 as fire swept through their homes damaging property.

Sources on the ground have revealed that the affected families find themselves leading a difficult life on the site razed by the fire, which is located on Lwama Avenue, near the central market of Bukavu.

To this day, the entire scene looks like a savannah devastated by the wildfire with the houses have been reduced to ashes with only a few and rare houses built of sustainable materials still retaining some remains.

The victims have been left homeless and are calling on the government to come to their aid.

“We are here, we don’t know where we are going to take shelter, we spend the night under the stars, we ask the authorities to help us,” pleaded one of them.

At least five people were killed 5 with several others injured and in need of a proper medical attention as well as food and clothes for the other survivors.

Observers in the area discouraged the population from mounting anarchic structures that are stuck to each other in a major part of the city of Bukavu which is a risk for enormous damage in an event of a fire in these districts of Bukavu.



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