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TOUCH NOT THE LORD’S ANOINTED: Congolese Clergy Issues Stern Reaction to Govt’s Case Against Respected Catholic Priest

The Assembly of the Kinshasa Clergy in the Democratic Republic of Congo have issued a strong statement over the government’s move to institute judicial proceedings against respected Catholic Priest and Archbishop of Kinshasa Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo.

The Attorney General at the Court of Cassation Firmin Mvonde has recently ordered the opening of investigations against Cardinal Ambongo for spreading falsehoods and inciting the public.

The clergy have since called on the catholic and christians in the DR Congo to be attentive to the situation as the government attempts to prosecute the church leader.

“The nation is in danger and now is no time for diversion. To all those who target the wrong target, we issue this warning: Whoever touches the Cardinal, touches the Clergy.

Whoever summons the Cardinal, summons the Clergy. This is why we invite all the faithful of Kinshasa to be calm and vigilant while awaiting the directives: “Do not be afraid: speak, do not remain silent” (Acts 18:9). We pray for the Cardinal, the Church and the Nation, so that this time of trial may be transformed into a seed of justice, peace, reconciliation and sustainable development.

May God take grace and bless our beautiful and great country, DR Congo (cf. Ps 66.2)” a statement by the Assembly of Kinshasa Clergy reads.

Cardinal Ambongo has repeatedly criticized President Fèlix Tshisekedi and his government’s irresponsible and indiscriminate style of governance.



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