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THIEVING GOVERNMENT: DR Congo in the “Champions League” of Embezzlement

Top Congolese journalist Fail-Nico Mbikayi has expressed concern over the ever-growing illicit practice of embezzling public funds by government officials in the Félix Tshisekedi regime.

Several Ministers, Governors and other key government position holders have been compromised in financial scandals during the reign of Félix Tshisekedi.

Mbikayi, who is the chief editor at local newspaper, Top Média, has bemoaned the lack of integrity and prudent managing of the national purse.

He says under the Tshisekedi regime, the levels of corruption and embezzlement of public funds continue rise rapidly.

“With President Félix Tshisekedi its like we are playing in the Champions League of embezzlement. Even when those that embezzle money are arrested, they still get released in the end” Mbikayi said.

The Congolese authorities recently granted former Deputy Prime Minister of Finance Nicolas Kazadi permission to leave the country putting to a halt court proceedings in a case in which he is facing several charges of embezzlement of public funds.



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