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THE WAIT CONTINUES: Outraged Tshisekedi Rejects Prime Minister’s Proposed Cabinet List

The Congolese will have to continue to be patient before been given the new cabinet under new prime minister of the Judith Suminwa’s government.

Even after close to six months after his re-election, Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi is yet to have a government formed and the delay is expected to drag on after the head of state turned down the cabinet list presented to him on Monday, May 27, sources have revealed.

Sources reveal the Prmie Minister Suminwa and some moral authorities of political parties and groupings in the Union Sacree coalition had proposed members of their families to ministerial positions much to the dissatisfaction of Tshisekedi.

For now, the Congolese population will continue to see the economic and social situation of the country deteriorate day by day arising from the delays by Tshisekedi and his government due to the ongoing political wrangles of greed for power and institutional positions.



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