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SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE: Catholic Priest Grateful To Katumbi For Hospital Faceover In East Congo

A Catholic priest in East Congo, Father Sikuli Paluku Melchizedek, says the gesture by former Katanga governor Moise Katumbi to construct an ultra modern operating room and ensuring it is fully equipped is a mark of utmost generosity.

Father Paluku says the newly built operating room at Matanda Hospital in war ravaged Butembo was a much needed make over that was long overdue.

He says the construction and provision of the equipment in the new operating room at Matanda Hospital is a gesture of generosity that speaks of Mr. Katumbi’s Christian faith.

Father Paluku says some people may dismiss the act of generosity and service as a political move but the people of Butembo-Beni understand their struggles and will forever be grateful.

Father Paluku was speaking in an interview with local media recently.

The respected priest says it was the duty of the government to invest in healthcare and sometimes serving politicians also contributed to supplementing government efforts.

However, the priest says those serving cannot be given massive praise if they performed such gestures because that is the expectation placed on them.

“For Mr. Moise Katumbi Chapwe, this is not the case because he is not currently serving in the government but contributing his personal resources for the welfare of the people.

“He has done it from the bottom of his heart having listened to our cries; he saw our suffering and chose to do what he has done in Beni,” Father Paluku said.

The priest says the leader of the opposition Together for the Republic had demonstrated he had the heart to serve the people and country diligently.

“First of all, this is not about politics but if he desires to seek the presidency, I have seen the profile of the man who wants to serve the people of Congo. I know that we have many other people doing good,” he said.

The operating room built and equipped by Mr. Katumbi was inaugurated on Monday, December 12, 2022.

Physician in charge, Dr. Anastasie Katsongeri Kahinndo said the gesture by Mr. Katumbi is testament of great love.



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