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SECESSION: Katanga Youths Demand Independence From DRC If Elections Are Not Transparent, Credible, Inclusive, Free & Fair

A group of youths in the greater Katanga are demanding that the population unites and demand it secedes from the Democratic Republic of Congo if the elections in December 2023.

The youths are aggrieved that the build up to the elections are steeped in malpractice that include malpractice and elements of tribalism which make the holding of a free and fair election impossible.

Katanga was an independent state under the leadership of Moïse Tshombe and has since then has been a hotbed for secession.

Groups such as Mai Mai and Kata Katanga have often been the drivers of the separatism agenda.

The latest push for secession is being triggered by youths in Lualaba who have opposed attempts to have Isabelle Kibasa stand as governor of Lualaba on the UDPS ticket.

Kibasa is linked to the first family of President Felix Tshisekedi’s who is also at the center of the plunder of $42 million for the construction of a university in Mbuji Mai.

Some Katangese have opposed the call for secession saying Congo has enough wars to accommodate another war in the south east of the country.



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