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ROBBING THE STATE: Modeste Bahati Lukwebo’s Properties in Goma Granted Tax Exemptions

The Democratic Republic of Congo continues been robbed and raped of its resources by the high-ranking members of government who were tasked with the responsibility of protecting and managing it prudently but do not care about the precarious situation the country and the average Congolese has been plunged into.

The Military Authorities in North Kivu Province have granted tax exemptions to President of the Senate Modeste Bahati Lukwebo’s for his 13 land concessions in the city of Goma.

The authorities have not indicted reason for their decision to stop Lukwebo’s properties from paying tax for all of his estates.

“Modeste Bahati Lukwebo is granted a tax exemption from the payment of property tax and rental income from his real estate consisting of his 13 land concessions” a letter from the military authorities reads.

Questions have since been raised by the move taken by the authorities which can be considered to be robbing the state of its revenue as Lukwebo cannot be exempted from paying tax while he continues to receive rental income from his tenants.

Also, one wonders why the top government officials who should be role models with paying tax to the country will selfishly be seeking tax exemptions.



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