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REGIONAL TENSIONS: Uganda Denies Support for M23 Despite Accusations From UN Report

The Ugandan army categorically denied any involvement with or supporting for the M23 rebel group and its operations in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kampala’s statement comes in response to recent accusations of supporting the M23 aggression in the east in a UN experts report.

In an official statement, Ugandan army spokesman Brigadier General Felix Kulayigye firmly rejects the UN report.

“This report has absolutely no scientific basis. It lacks documentation and it is biased. We have no reason to support these rebels, while we are part of the regional mechanisms for conflict resolution in eastern DRC” General Kulayigye said.

“For people to make these kinds of allegations is a way of sabotaging the efforts we are undertaking, rather than supporting them.”

General Kulayigye also stressed that Uganda does not serve as base for the M23 rebels, but only hosts refugees in line with UN policy.

“If these experts are truly from the United Nations, they should support regional efforts to find a peaceful solution, rather than accusing us of taking sides. No, our country is not being used as a base by these rebels.

On the other hand, our country is hosting refugees for their own safety, in line with UN policy. We have very good relations with the DRC government,” he added.

A UN experts’ report released earlier this month claimed that Ugandan officials have allowed unrestricted transit of M23 troops and the Rwandan army through Uganda.



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