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REBELS IN MASISI: M23 Fighters Take Positions In East Congo

There is an increase presence of M23 rebels in east Congo with majority of them arriving to take position in areas such as Kilolirwe.

Resident of Kilolirwe have recently grown anxious with the increased presence of the rebels.

A group known as the Bashali Kaembe group which provides private protection for citizens say they have observed a change of atmosphere in the area.

Masisi territory is in in North Kivu near Rwanda. M23 rebels are said to be a militia group of Rwanda President Paul Kagame.

The sources in the area have disclosed that the rebel activity grew even louder on the morning of Saturday, May 13, 2023.

According to sources, the M23 rebels have arrived en masse at Kilolirwe and erected a position at Petit Masisi, near the EAC force base and Nturo, on the overhead near the mountains.

“It’s terrible here, the M23s have come to set up next to EAC, they’re not just in Petit Masisi, they’re also on the high mountain of Nturo. They are numerous, others went near Mushaki,” a source said.

In Kausa, a village located in the same area, the people have started fleeing fearing the atrocities that the elements might inflict on them, “M23s say all the inhabitants present in
Kausa are Nyantura, we fear the worst,” another source.



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