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PHOTO: 2023 Is The Year To Deliver The DRC Military From Poverty & Shame

This image shows the sad state of our military. If our military can’t afford shoes and they have to be subjected to this, how do we expect them to be motivated to defeat rebels giving us problems in the East.

Well, the people of Congo have an opportunity to chose a leader will has a heart for the people, a leader who will transform and restore the dignity of the Congolese. This can’t be President Felix Tshisekedi .

President Tshisekedi has had five years to show us he can change the situation in the Congo. He has made it worse; he ie more preoccupied with competing to increase his flight miles with pilots.
Therefore, those who love the Congo have an opportunity to vote for a leadership that has shown concern to develop this our great country.

Let’s work together to support the candidature of Moise Katumbi. He showed us his capacity when he was governor for Katanga. We can’t doubt him if we elevate his responsibilities to that of President.

Moise Katumbi means well for the people of the Democratic of Congo. So, December 20, 2023 is a moment to show President Tshisekedi we, the Congolese, mean business and want to transform our country by choosing sing one of our own.

Written by Alphosine Mwinkalani



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