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MUGUNGA VICTIMS INTERRED: Goma Bombing Attack Victims Laid to Rest At New Burial Site in Kibati

The 35 victims who lost their lives in the bombing attacks on the Mugunga camp for displaced people near the city of Goma in North Kivu Province in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo were on Wednesday, May 15 put to rest at the new cemetery at Kibati.

Government and scores of locals turned up at the esplanade of the Unity Stadium to pay their final tributes to the deceased victims at a sombre occasion.

The Congolese government identified the new Kibati cemetery to be dedicated to all the victims of the ongoing war instigated by the rampant M23 rebel fighters.

In his speech during the tribute ceremony, the Minister of National Solidarity and Humanitarian Actions, Modeste Mutinga, reaffirmed the government’s will and determination of the authorities to spare no effort for the return of peace in eastern DR Congo.

“The death of these 35 compatriots has shaken the entire Congolese nation, increasing the vulnerability of displaced people who have seen their shelters burned and completely destroyed. This is why, as soon as he learned from abroad where he was staying on an official mission, the President of the Republic, Head of State, His Excellency Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo cut short his official visit and returned to the country to sympathize with the misfortunes that have struck North Kivu, the barbarity of May 3 leaves us with an unbearable memory, what can we say about the little Grace who escaped the shrapnel of the bombs and remained tied on the back of his his dead mother and whose image has gone around the world without it moving the predators in the pay of Rwanda,” said Modeste Mutinga, Minister of National Solidarity and Humanitarian Actions.

He added:

“This shocking and traumatic picture sufficiently proves the level of cruelty and guilt of Rwanda and its leader Paul Kagame. It’s revolting, enough is enough! It has to stop and it will stop. The President of the Republic is sparing no effort to ensure that peace returns to this part of the country plagued by recurrent insecurity. It is with this in mind that he fights body and soul day and night so that you can return to your respective villages in complete safety. This moment of return is approaching, be convinced of it.”

On Friday, 3rd May 2024, explosions were fired on a displaced people’s camp killing 35 people amidst intensified fighting between the M23 rebels and the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) in eastern DR Congo.



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