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MORE BOMBING ATTACKS: Two People Die in Minova Following Latest Bombing Attack From M23 & Congolese Army Fighting

At least two people have died with several others injured in Ludahuba district of Minova village in the Buzi grouping in the territory of Kalehe South Kivu Province following a new wave of bombing attacks from the ongoing fighting between the M23 rebel fighters and the Congolese army (FARDC).

This is the provisional toll reported by the local authorities with the number likely to rise in the coming hours.

According to the Civil Society of Kalehe, three bombs were dropped by suspected M23 rebels at the front, near Ngungu at around 11 a.m this Tuesday morning.

The civil society reports that, a bomb is said t have been dropped on a household thus causing the deaths of the two victims.

James Musanganya, an member of the Civil Society in Kalehe, reveals that the final toll is not yet known but the victims are a mother and her grandson, a situation that has created a tension throughout the territory of Kalehe.

Musanganya calls on the population to remain vigilant, especially at this time when bombs are dropped by both the M23 and the FARDC in camps for displaced people.

Meanwhile, local authorities have confirmed that those who have been injured are being transferred to health facilities for treatment.



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