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MONUSCO WITHDRAWAL: Pakistani Peacekeepers Leave the DRC After More Than 20 Years of Service

After more than 20 years part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission MONUSCO, soldiers from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are preparing to leave the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where they played a crucial role in stabilizing the security situation in South Kivu Province.

The departure of the Pakistani soldiers marks a significant step in the gradual disengagement plan of the MONUSCO which began in January 2024.

A tribute ceremony was held in Kavumu, located 32 km from Bukavu and was attended by Ms. Bintou Keita, the Special Representative of the Secretary General (RSSG) in the DRC and Head of MONUSCO, Major General Khar Diouf, Acting Commander of the MONUSCO Force, as well as Mr. Cissa wa Numbe, Provincial Minister of Infrastructure in South Kivu, representative of the interim governor, and Ambassador Noël Mbemba, General Delegate of the government responsible for liaison with MONUSCO.

Since their first deployment in 2003, more than 100,000 Pakistani troops have served in this region, with 31 of them losing their lives, representing the highest mortality rate in the history of Pakistani peacekeeping engagements.

Pakistan has participated in 46 UN missions deployed in 29 countries across the world.

“I salute the immense contribution of Pakistani troops in promoting peace and security in South Kivu. I pay tribute to the 31 peacekeepers who paid the ultimate price. Their sacrifice, professionalism and commitment protected millions of people in the DRC”, declared Ms. Bintou Keita during the ceremony.

More contingents part of the MONUSCO mission from different countries around the world are preparing to withdraw from the DR Congo as requested by the country’s government.



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