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MISPLACED PRIORITIES: Tshisekedi Takes Fight Against Rwanda to International Court

DR Congo’s imposter president Félix Tshisekedi is enjoying the benefits he and his family currently gain from their mining businesses that continues to expand in the face of the war in the eastern part of the country.

For that fact, Tshisekedi has no immediate or serious plans to put to an end the bloodshed and daily violent clashes in North Kivu Province and instead blames an external force, Rwanda, for the fighting perpetrated by Congolese indigenes.

Tshisekedi has intensified international legal action against Rwanda “to defend the interests of the DR Congo in the face of human rights violations and the illicit exploitation of its natural resources.”

Reports indicate that the DR Congo have filed complaints before the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, as well as before the Court of Justice of the States of the East African Community (East African Community).

The main aim is to get the international legal spaces to condemn of Rwanda for violation of international rights as well as for its military’s presence in Congolese territory.

Tshisekedi has previously been advised by the international to focus on finding an Congolese solution to the internal fighting between the M23 fighters, of Congolese origin, and the FARDC.



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