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MEETING TSHISEKEDI HEAD-ON: The People Are Ready To Face His Force Without Remorse

The influential civil society organization, Lucha, has warned President Felix Tshisekedi against instrumentalizing his insecurity in a bid to violate the freedoms of the people of Congo.

This follows Tshisekedi’s volatile statement in Mbuji-Mayi when he warned that he will go for anyone he thought was endangering the security of the country without fear or exception.

The statement is seen as an attempt by Tshisekedi to threaten his opponents whom he is scared of facing in the December 20 presidential election.

Tshisekedi has so far jailed opposition leader Moise Katumbi’s special advisor Salomon Kalonda and is targeting the Ensemble pour la République leader with false charges of collaborating with M23 rebels.

Tshisekedi declared on Sunday, “I will attack without hesitation without remorse any Congolese who would endanger the security and stability of our country. It doesn’t matter what people say about it whether it’s violation of human rights, deprivation of freedoms.”

Tshisekedi’s statement has drawn a sharp reaction from civil society organizations, human rights bodies and the international community who view it as a path to a dictatorial era.

Lucha says has warned Tshisekedi against going on a confrontational path with the population.

“Instead of building the army and stopping rash decisions such as the invitation of the EAC forces, Tshisekedi wants to instrumentalize the insecurity he is struggling to stem to violate rights and freedoms. We will face it without hesitation, without remorse,” they posted on the twitter page.



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