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MAYHEM EMERGING: Tshisekedi Threatens to Dissolve Parliament Ahead of Petition Against New “Kasai Kingdom” Government

The Democratic Republic of Congo is about to witness serious political chaos that threatens to divide and disintergrate the nation due to imposter president Felix Tshisekedi’s nepotism and tribalism.

Tshisekedi has threatened to dissolve the nation’s National Assembly should a petition against his newly formed government be admitted before the house.

National deputies in Maniema Province have protest against Tshsisekedi’s new cabinet that has nearly 50% of the ministers all of his Kasai tribe and region among other anomalies.

Tshisekedi has however deemed the national deputies and their petition to be sponsored by newly elected president of the National Assembly Vital Kamerhe who the imposter president now considers a political threat due to his growing popularity.

The elected officials of Maniema plan to submit their petition in which they have several unconstitutional anomalies in the new government including the lack of representation for their region unlike other over-represented provinces as well as failure to respect the principle of the Congolese law which guides that only individuals with declared political affiliation would come up as ministerial candidates.

The Maniema officials have stressed that some ministers were appointed without agreement from their political groups while the principle that states only 10 deputies are worth a ministry was not respected as some groups with more than 10 deputies obtained nothing.

They have also noted moral improbity, unprofessional, nepotism and camaraderie in some of the appointments made in the new cabinet.



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