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JUDGEMENT DAY: Military Court Set to Pass Preliminary Judgement on Failed Coup Trial

The Congolese Military Court is today set to hold a decisive hearing at the Ndolo Military Prison where the perpetrators of the May 19 failed coup d’etat attempt and attacks at the residence of Vital Kamerhe and the Palais de la Nation in Kinshasa will learn their fates in the case.

The hearing to be held this Monday morning will be marked by a preliminary but crucial judgment which will precede a detailed examination of the facts in the case.

At the hearing, the Military Court will preside over submissions such as the provisional release or review of detention conditions.

In summary, this hearing is a key moment where the rights of the accused and the arguments of the prosecution will be carefully examined and the decisions to be taken will have a significant impact on the future conduct of the trial.

Over 50 defendants that include American citizens were arrested following a failed coup attempt which was led by Christian Malanga who was killed by the armed forces at the Palais de la Nation after resisting arrest.



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