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IN GOMA: Ensemble Official, Salomon Kalonda, Visits East Congo; Gets Rousing Applause

High ranking opposition Ensemble official, Salomon Idi Kalonda Della, arrived in Goma on Friday for meetings ahead of the December 20, 2023 presidential elections.

Kalonda is expected to hold strategy meetings for Together for the Republic party which is led by popular Moise Katumbi.

Kalonda was welcome to Goma, the capital city for North Kivu in the Eastern parts of the country, by well-wishers from the opposition party and local peole.

He told journalists that his visit was part of taking note of the current situation of displaced people in the area as a result of the war by M23 rebels.

Kalonda is also getting an update on the activities of Together for the Republic and also get information on the progress of voter identification and registration operations.

“We have to learn from the situation of our displaced compatriots. We also have to evaluate the enrollment process since the information we get suggest some people have not enrolled to date. We need to know why, how and what needs to be done for North Kivu,” he said.

Kalonda says the political party Together for the Republic is concerned with the deplorable and persistence insecurity in eastern Congo which has led to mass displacement of the population while creating a grim humanitarian situation.

“We cannot accept that we are refugees in our own country. My message will come after I have visited these people who have been displaced in their own country and are living in a deplorable situation. Enough misery, enough suffering, enough war; we need to have peace in this country,” he added.

Kalonda is laying perfect ground for the imminent visit of the leadership of the opposition.



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