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FAKE LIST: Congo Dismiss As Fake List Of Politicians Barred For 2023 Polls

Democratic Republic of Congo Interior and Security Ministry has dismissed as fictitious a list of high ranking politicians barred from contesting the 2023 elections on grounds that they held dual citizenship.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Director General of Migration (DGM) says the office had learned about the list of Congolese personalities with alleged dual nationality with sadness.

Djoko Bake Kongolo said the department had never published such a list nor have they discussed any politician in that way.

“The document in question is a false patent which bears neither date nor reference and does not indicate any address and does not bear the seal or signature of the DGM Authority,” he said.

Kongolo has instructed his office to commence investigations into the publication of the list that ruling party supporters have been using to claim they will sideline opposition leader Moise Katumbi.

The fictitious list also had Mr. Katumbi as one of the individuals barred from contesting elections.

UDPS members and leaders have consistently fronted a campaign that has sought to exclude Mr. Katumbi from contesting the December election on grounds he was a foreigner with alleged dual nationalities.

Citizens in the DRC have branded the UDPS campaign as “racists” and “tribalist” which tendencies they say are characteristic of President Felix Tshisekedi’s supporters and ethnic tribe.

These tendencies have divided the country, according to observers.



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