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FAILED TERM OF OFFICE: Incompetent Jean-Pierre Bemba Transferred From Ministry of Defence as Prime Minister Unveils New Cabinet

Democratic Republic of Congo’s Prime Minister Judith Suminwa finally unveiled the new government on Wednesday 29th May, 2024 after almost six months since President Felix Tshisekedi’s re-election in the chaotic 20 December General Elections.

Suminwa’s has made a wholesale of changes to the cabinet with Jean-Pierre Bemba transferred from his position as Deputy Prime Minister of Defence to take up the same role at a less crucial Ministry of Transport and Roads after at a failed term in office.

Jean-Pierre Bemba’s tenure as Minister of Defence has been one of the worst having failed woefully to manage the security in the eastern region the country where the M23 rebels continue to cause chaos and occupy several territories with the Congolese armed forces only left to watch.

With Bemba at the helm of the Ministry of Defence, the country was also faced with coup d’etat attempt which was narrowly foiled thanks to the efforts of the security forces.

Meanwhile, it also there has been insignificant adjustment the size of the cabinet even after Félix Tshisekedi’s pledge to reduce the team in his second five-year term of in which he will have 54 ministers against 57 in his first term.

Among the notable new figures in the cabinet include Jacquemain Shabani Lukoo, who replaces Peter Kazadi as Vice-Prime Minister of the Interior, Security and Customary Affairs while Guy Mwadiamvita succeeds Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo as VPM, Minister of National Defense and Veterans Affairs.

Doudou Fwamba has been appointed new Minister of Finance to replace Nicolas Kazadi whose is also widely regarded as one of the worst in that position and is currently under investigations for several fraud and embezzlement crimes.

The Judith Suminwa Tuluka government is eagerly awaited by the expectaant Congolese population in the face of the multiple challenges the country is currently going through including the worrying security situation in the east as well as the socio-economic situation of the population, marked by the loss of purchasing power following the depreciation of the national currency, the Congolese franc.



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