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ELECTION FOCUS: Tshisekedi Is Leaning On Tribal Backing To Win Re-election; The Numbers Don’t Look Good

President Felix Tshisekedi and his ruling UDPS believe his kasai tribe will be a huge factor to win re-election in the December 20, 2023 polls.

However, the map does not look encouraging for President Tshisekedi and his heavily tribal party.

It is partly for this reason that he has brought rebels and thieves back in the government. President Tshisekedi believes that convicted warlord Jean Pierre Bemba will help him with votes in the lingala speaking northern parts of the country.

The Head of State believes that the convicted criminal will also help him divide the vote in the biggest voting block – the swahili speaking east and south east where Moise Katumbi is commanding massive support.

What Tshisekedi is not aware is that the people in Bemba’s region are divided and his decision to go to bed with Kamerhe has not gone down well with the swahili speaking people.

There is also the Martin Fayulu factor which has influence in the Kongo and Lingala areas. So, Tshisekedi is walking on thin ice.

It’s for this reason he has sponsored a bill advanced by a failed economist Noel Tshiani to create confusion and bar Katumbi from contesting the election on account that one of his parents was not from the Congo.

Even the attempt to recruit voters massively in the kasai region has not helped Tshisekedi’s prospects. After all, he didn’t win the 2018 election but was only installed as a compromise.



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